How I chose the Russian hosting provider
How I chose the Russian hosting provider

How I chose the Russian hosting provider

The idea of ​ ​ writing my own site hung before me as soon as I began to write books. I wanted to tell the general public and my friends about my work and the ideas that have owned me over the past time. However, it was necessary to decide on three things:

  • on what hosting I will ground own website;
  • what platform (designer) I will do it on;
  • how many domains I need to create this resource.

And if I decided on the last two questions quickly enough, then the question about the hosting provider was acute.

The choice became between ten resources that actively promoted their services.

Each provider has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Each provider has its supporters and favorites. But for me the main criterion was reliability and redundancy.

In the end, after a long study of these hosting providers of my choice settled on and here’s why:

Reg.RU is a leading domain registrar on the Russian market. It is also a large provider of virtual hosting and server rental. It has a number of interesting VPS/VDS hosting technologies, such as the innovative Jelastic (cloud) hosting. Supports OpenVZ, KVM and Hyper-V for server virtualization. One of the few hosters offering shared hosting plans with .NET support on Windows. Has its own website builder.

Reg.RU has its own control panel, which is quite confusing, but very functional. PU allows absolutely all operations independently without the need to contact support. Support is of sufficient quality, but there is no chat support.

Hoster also provides many additional services for webmasters, both in-house development, and from partners.

I hope you will make the right choice and choose a provider you feel comfortable working with. I have made my choice


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