How do I evaluate the new books that come into my hands?
How do I evaluate the new books that come into my hands?

How do I evaluate the new books that come into my hands?

I was recently asked how I judge a good book or not a good book?

  1. I start evaluating any book by how it looks. What kind of cover it has. Is it pleasant to hold in my hands. Whether the imprint is correct. Are there illustrations and to what extent they agree with the text of the work.
  2. First of all in the book I am interested in the storyline. How well it is built up. Are there deviations from the plot or not. This can also include fantasy assumptions. Could this have happened in real life or not?
  3. Of course I am interested in the language in which a particular work is written. How literate this or that author is. If the number of errors is off-scale (more than the allowable limit) – this product will not be possible to read.
  4. Also, I am interested in whether the work has a deeper philosophical idea, or any sense. Of course, there are works for entertainment – this is a separate category. There may not make sense. But I am interested in deep works that have this idea.
  5. I’m also interested in the useful information I get from books. For example, books explain to me new natural phenomena, present new hypotheses, expand my knowledge of geography, history, etc. Reading a book and getting nothing out of it is not really the right thing to do. This is what people who do not want to develop their knowledge and their thinking, and do not want to gain a competitive advantage over other people.
  6. Relationship psychology. That is, whether the characters in the book are motivated to act this way and not that way, or everyone acts at random, the way “as he thinks”.
  7. In books I am also interested in its completeness. That is, it is a single monolithic work or a series of books. It seems to me that the number of books in a series should not be very large – otherwise it will tire both the author and his readers.

I want to know, and how you estimate modern works?


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