Gone are the summer pastimes
Gone are the summer pastimes

Gone are the summer pastimes

The summer fun has disappeared,
They came to our land again rains,
And on the edge, at the birch,
Leaves disappeared from longing.

And we are sad sometimes, like children,
No more sunlight,
Only the wind whispers to me about the summer,
Sweeping dust from other people’s doors.

Sometimes the clouds are closed,
From the sun, our balloon is earthly.
And only light snowflakes, fly,
Slowly, over me.

Winter is knocking on our doors,
Carrying cold winds,
And in December, blizzards again,
Fused houses will be tamed.

I lack inspiration,
Spring, fiery love,
And there are changes ahead,
Weather and my fate.

And there is no reason for sadness,
But I am still sad,
And only sunny glare,
I’m catching on the river now.


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