Five of Nikita T’s most popular books for 2023
Five of Nikita T’s most popular books for 2023

Five of Nikita T’s most popular books for 2023

It’s time for friends to take stock and highlight the most popular books by writer Nikita T for 2023.

The first place is rightfully occupied by the science fiction novel “The Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo”

On the Author Today platform, more than 42,000 people read this novel, and on the Youtube portal, more than 25,500 people listened to an audiobook based on this work. We note approximately the same high rates on other samizdat platforms.

The novel “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo” is a sequel to the cult novel “Gifts of the Gods” about the adventures of CIA agent Steven Cheesecain. This time, the hero of the novel, along with his friends, goes in search of a missing scientist-entomologist in the jungles of Cambodia. As it turns out, there is a mysterious portal in the jungle, which transported the scientist to another planet. The search team will have to deal not only with rebels, but also with alien rangers. Resourcefulness and mutual assistance allow the heroes to get out of the most difficult situations in which they find themselves by chance. Not only do they manage to save a missing person, but also unravel the cause of the death of insects on Earth.

The second place is taken by the collection of plays “The Return of Tessey”

Over the past year, the circulations of this book printed by traditional publishers – Moscow and Yustycinform – were sold out. On the black market, the price for the book exceeded 4,000 rubles.

Our great friend Alexei Shulgin agreed to voice the plays included in this book and now you can find audiobooks based on these plays on the vastness of the World Wide Web.

The third place is rightfully occupied by the collection of children’s poems “We solve riddles with children”

This is the first book in a series of mystery books and charades compiled and designed by our author Nikita T.

The circulation of this book, released by Musk’s publishing house and posted on the Read City portal, was sold out in mid-2023.

It should be noted that other books in this series, namely Amusing riddles for children and Smart Riddles for Smart Children, are also very popular.

So the book “Amusing riddles for children” posted on the Author Today portal, was read by more than 42,000 people. This is an unprecedented result for a children’s book. There are a lot of positive reviews – more than 40.

The fourth place is taken by the book that the author can be proud of – the novel “Gifts of the Gods”

Gifts of the Gods is the first book in a series of novels about Stephen Chiskane. This novel can rightfully be attributed not only to the genre of science fiction, but also to the genre of adventure novel. Such novels were characteristic of authors writing in the 18th and 19th centuries, i.e. the era of great geographical discoveries, when authors such as Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were published.

I would like to note that this book is the best-selling book by Nikita T on the portals of samizdat Litres and Ridero.

Fifth place goes to the science fiction novel of the new series “Visualizer” – “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer”

This is one of the best-selling works of Nikita T and this is not accidental.

The novel “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer” is a continuation of the famous novel by Nikita T “The Visualizer or a Person Who Changes Reality.” In the book, you meet old heroes who will have to undergo new trials and who will try to solve the problems facing society while abroad. The heroes, as before, are opposed by the forces of evil. Only this time it will not be villains-psychiatrists, but ordinary oligarchs in the person of representatives of the Masonic order. All these people enter a secret society disguised as a closed golf club. The heroes of the novel will have to face villains and create a resource on the pages of which materials will be published that expose their activities.


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