Drafts on Litres Samizdat
Drafts on Litres Samizdat

Drafts on Litres Samizdat

Recently, I’ve been imbued with Littres’ new service, Selfpub – the ability to publish drafts of my novels on the Littres portal.

What does it give to the author?

  • The royalties will be 70% of what Litres receives.
  • The draft will be distributed only on the Littres website and in the Littres mobile app. You cannot download the file, you can only read online.
  • The minimum time to finish a draft is 1 month, the maximum is six months. You determine the frequency of updating yourself.
  • The optimal volume for a book published in draft mode is 6-15 author sheets (one author sheet = 40000 characters with spaces).
  • Each draft takes part in Littres incentive campaigns to promote books and reading in general, such as “first book at half price”, “fourth book as a gift” and others.

The first novel I started publishing chapter by chapter in this format is called Mission Osiris. It’s a science fiction novel about a petropolitan spaceship traveling to the borders of inhabited worlds. To get access to the novel, you can go to the following link:

https://www.litres.ru/book/nikita-t-31869036/missiya-osiris-69512731/ .

It should be noted that matching new chapters in the Selfpub service is friendly and does not take much time.

How do I add a new chapter to my drafts?

When you create a draft, you will be offered two methods of uploading chapters:

  1. Upload each chapter as a separate file (new functionality)
  2. Upload the same file, gradually adding text (old functionality)

I prefer the second option and add new chapters through the edit mode. It seems to me that this option is much easier and this procedure does not take much time.

I would like to note that after the author writes and publishes the last chapter of the draft, the book will move to the status of a finished work. It will then be available for other users to purchase as a regular ebook. Once the draft is finished and the book moves to finished status, the distribution terms will be the same as for other books published using our platform. Which is quite convenient and practical.

I think that after I finish publishing my novel and the work is ready for publication I will change the commercial terms of buying my novel and of course it will cost more.

Why do I recommend authors to use this service?

  • Interactivity – the ability to get feedback from readers before the work is published, readers can tell the author this or that plot move and it’s great;
  • High royalties – the royalty the author of a draft receives is much higher than the royalty the author might receive for the finished work;
  • Discipline – the author undertakes to publish new chapters according to a certain schedule, and the author chooses the speed of publishing new chapters of his novel;
  • Receiving new services from Lītres publishing house – during the process of publishing new chapters the author can use Lītres Samizdat services, in particular, layout, proofreading and editing at a lower tariff plan.


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