Does the author need to take care of the promotion of his work
Does the author need to take care of the promotion of his work

Does the author need to take care of the promotion of his work

People are herd animals. For them, the opinion of others is important. As psychologists have proven, if 9 out of 10 people say to black that this is white, then the last respondent will confirm this thesis. This is probably why advertising occupies such an important place in our lives. Everyone knows that without good advertising, sales will collapse.

At the moment there are different forms of advertising:

  • Targeted advertising on the Internet;
  • advertising in social networks;
  • technologies for the development of one’s own portal;
  • advertising in the media;
  • participation in exhibitions, contests and forums.
    I listed not all forms of advertising and you can supplement this list. Every popular writer does not disdain to use all these forms of advertising. They won’t tell you this, but all of our popular writers spend a significant percentage of their earnings on advertising. That’s why they’re popular. I have long shied away from promoting my own work, and in vain, its recognition is close to zero. But you can see that yourself. I think that many authors repeat my mistakes. Friends – do not neglect any PR and advertising. The more people know about you – the better. Unfortunately, the Russian literary segment is completely unadvertised. I am subscribed to the mailing list of most popular publishers and they only PR the works of Western authors. I think it is time to change this trend. We have many excellent writers who write wonderful works which I read with pleasure in the Russian segment of the World Wide Web. They are not inferior to works by popular Western authors.


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