Competition for attention
Competition for attention

Competition for attention

If the 20th century was the century of information, the 21st century is the century of excess information. We are all in a digital space. Social media, TV anchors, bloggers, and popular artists are all influencing us. Each of them wants us to take time for them and to give them our attention. That is, today your attention costs money and some resources pay good money for it.

In the past it was enough for an author to write an interesting book so that it would attract someone’s attention, but today this is not enough. The author must become both a marketer and a producer of his work, or he must find someone who can perform this function for him. I think that the author must be able to promote his work or he will always be in the shadows, no matter how hard he tries. There are a lot of tools for this and seo professionals know this very well. The first thing that comes to mind is advertising in social networks. Most authors, both famous and beginners, successfully use this standard tool. The second most popular tool is participation in contests, book fairs, and other themed events. This tool is quite complicated and can bring both benefit and harm to a novice author, and it should be used in a measured and targeted way.

The third most popular method is to create your own portal, website or mobile application. This method has the greatest benefit. As practice has shown, the creation of their own resources has not yet prevented anyone.

The fourth method is access to adjacent markets – television, broadcasting, promotion in the gaming space, etc., etc. This is the most effective promotion mechanism, but also the most expensive. It will require a lot of effort, money and time and therefore is not always justified.


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