Cartoons based on books
Cartoons based on books

Cartoons based on books

It should be noted that not only films, but also full-length cartoons are shot on popular books. As an example, books such as: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling or The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. And this applies not only to foreign books, but also to books by Soviet and Russian authors. We all remember such cartoons as “The Secret of the Third Planet” or “Kin Dza Dza.” And this is not a complete list of books on which popular cartoons were shot.

One can argue for a long time about how successful this or that adaptation was. But it is impossible not to note that these cartoons are widely discussed in society and they enjoy unquestionable popularity among children.

From time to time filmmakers make not only full-length cartoons, but also TV series based on the books. Thus, based on the book by Cressida Cowell, a series of cartoons was made under the general title “How to Tame the Dragon. It should be noted that this series was so successful that the writer had to refine her works by adding new chapters to them. So don’t rush to write off the books – even with their global differences from the famous film adaptation, they leave a great impression after reading, and both children and adults. Full of caustic satire, funny jokes, and delightfully ironic illustrations of the 13 volumes with the subtitle “How to Train Your Dragon” will appeal to fans of the cartoon, at the same time expanding the range of knowledge about the world of the Vikings and their winged pets.

No less popular are the screen adaptations of books by William Steig about Shrek and his friends. As for the text, this book is a small, rhyming story to read to kids about the kind, but scary-looking ogre and his friends. Therein lies the most global difference from the cartoon: Fiona is actually an ogre, originally. And Donkey is a beautiful stallion, just like the one the potion in the Shrek 2 cartoon turned him into. Nevertheless, for true fans of the green goody, the book is a must-have in the collection, and for those moms who like to read to children funny rhyming fairy tales, it will also do just fine. And the cartoon can be shown later.


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