Book trends in 2024 according to Nikita T
Book trends in 2024 according to Nikita T

Book trends in 2024 according to Nikita T

The audio format gains ground.

According to Nikita T, we are seeing an explosive increase in interest in audiobooks. This is confirmed by those legal entities that sell these books on the market. So the capacity of the audiobook market in Russia in the second quarter of 2023, according to the estimates of the Litres group of companies, increased by 33% and amounted to more than 920 million rubles. Respondents consider the lack of free time among readers to be the key reasons for the growth of such interest in audiobooks. Readers can listen to audiobooks on transport or do other things.

If, according to the results of a survey made on the site the number of readers in 2023 who used this format was 10% of the total mass of readers, then in 2024 polls show that the number of such readers (listeners) will increase to 15%.

Fantasy and comics are losing ground.

Many Russian publishers and booksellers relied on fantasy and Asian comics. However, their predictions do not materialize. There is a demand for these publications, but it is not so big as to bet on it.

The market for such publications has stabilized and bored the average man. People become interested in other areas and genres of literature. I would like to note that people under 30 begin to be interested in classical literature, detective stories and popular science fiction, that is, that literature that allows you to expand your own knowledge in one direction or another or expand your own horizons. Neither comics nor fantasy can compete in this parameter with other areas of literature, they are aimed at entertaining the reader when he has free time. However, young people have limited time.

Paper books are still trending.

More recently, book market experts assured us that paper books would disappear forever, but this did not happen. The fact is that people like paper books and more and more often we see such people on public transport. If digital books can disappear from the shelves of online stores for some reason, for example, if some writer has been censored, then it is much more difficult to deal with paper books – this is a personal thing of a particular person, such books will still be in demand, despite the prohibitions and instructions of higher authorities. This applies not only to fiction, but also to books of erotic content.


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