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Book cycles

Book cycles

The “Gifts of the Gods” cycle

This cycle is written at the junction of two popular genres of fiction – the detective genre and popular science fiction. Initially, it was planned that this cycle will include only three novels about the adventures of CIA agent Stephen Chiskane, namely the novels “Gifts of the Gods,” “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo” and “Secrets of the Ocean Depths,” but the cycle became so popcular that the cycle did not end on these books. Currently, the fourth book of the Mission Osiris cycle has been written. In the future, I plan to write several more books of this cycle. I hope that they will become as popular as previously published books.

Book cycle “Visualizer”

The cycle includes three novels “The Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality” “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer” and “Return of the Visualizer.” This cycle is written at the intersection of two popular genres of fiction – thriller and popular science fiction. The books included in this cycle are close to reality. However, do not think that all the events that were described in them take place in real life. Yes, some of the facts are true and taken from real life. However, all the heroes are fictional. Two books of the cycle have already been written, and the last book of the cycle – “Return of the Visualizer” is in the works and will soon appear in “drafts” on the Litres platform.

“Riddles for Children” cycle

This cycle includes three books: “We solve riddles with children”, “Amusing riddles for children” and “Smart Riddles for Smart Children.” All the mysteries presented in these books are written in verse. The books are for primary school children and can be used to teach reading. Riddles are not complex and are aimed at highlighting the main properties of objects of non-living nature, as well as insects, birds and animals. The books are decorated with colorful pictures. In the future, I plan to expand this cycle and write several more children’s books of the same format.


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