April Fools’ Day
April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day

A real story from real life…
I have luck with fools. Especially in spring and especially on April 1. And my friends know it well.
And this year “Groundhog Day” happened again. With the first fool I encountered in the marketplace wildberries during the acceptance of goods. Instead of one book they brought another. And everything would be fine if in this department was tested the mechanism for returning the product in case of total discrepancy of its product properties, as it was worked out in another marketplace Ozon. But everything turned out to be pretty messed up. The receiver (or rather, the acceptance lady) was scratching her head for a long time. She mumbled to herself, then searched for the right parcel. After these manipulations she mumbled meaningfully – write a complaint and disappeared into the doorway, turning up only 15 minutes later with empty hands. I had to write a complaint against the receptionist and the point of sale wildberries and salesman who did not meet my expectations.

Then I decided to register on vc to post one of my articles there. However, even here I was disappointed. Fools continued to climb on the scene, becoming the characters of my future feuilletons. Unexpectedly for me here came out a fool, but already number two. Instead of reading the article carefully, he decided to poke fun at the author, at the same time giving him minuses. I am not against minuses, I am against stupidity. Moron began to cling to the terms, to prove that the novelist and the poet is one and the same, but it’s just different terms, that the writer can only be a prose writer, and all the poets are morons and writers can not be by definition, as well as writers can not become playwrights and screenwriters. In general, began to utter nonsense. Of course, I did not really argue with this, knowing that the poet must know something that the prose writer does not know and vice versa. In general, I got it on a full program. As a result, I had to send him in a rather rude manner … But sent the character – did not calm down and ran to complain to the moderator. Snitches always do so when they are pointed to the place where they should be, or where they have to go on foot route …

As a result, I was banned for being rude for two days. It didn’t upset me at all, but it did surprise me that April 1st is a magic number after all and it affects people in a completely unpredictable way.

Frankly, the site vc I admired neither the level of articles posted there, nor the level of moderators, since they stand on the side of the various “woodpeckers” and do not protect newcomers from trolling.

So that I don’t have to deal with that jerk there again, I left that popular resource and deleted my account. I always do that, I don’t shoot jerks with a blowgun, becoming a client of a prison institution.

They should be forgiven and forgotten, they are poor (or kind) people, as Bulgakov wrote in his netherworld “The Master and Margarita” when describing Mark the Rat-boy. And now I’m sitting here wondering what will be waiting for me next April 1 and what kind of jerks I will have to deal with in the future.


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