About those who like to mix literary genres
About those who like to mix literary genres

About those who like to mix literary genres

Some authors like to work in a specific literary genre. Sometimes it’s justified. People get used to stories of the same type and do not like to “spread their thoughts on the tree.” In addition, some authors like to develop other people’s worlds and concepts. Especially strongly “got” Harry Potter. A million novels have been written with the continuation of this “wonderful” work. But all this does not apply to my work. I like to mix several literary genres in my works. And if in the trilogy about the adventures of CIA agent Stephen Chiskane I mixed the genres of adventure novel and science fiction, then already in the series of novels about the Visualizer I tried to mix the genres of detective novel and science fiction.

What does this mixing of genres give me? This allows you to make the products more dynamic and rich. Such works are close to the scriptwriters and directors of television series. In fact, they are somewhat similar to comics. The reader not only immerses himself in the work, but also sees the picture. It seems to me that this is the future. However, if we live, we will see. I may be wrong. And the reader’s Interest for my works is temporary. Of course, not all readers like such inovations and I face criticism. Some readers write that I have a very interesting plot, but the style of presentation resembles a “school wall newspaper.” Perhaps they are right about something. Judge you. However, my books are tingling and therefore cause discussion.


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