A quote from my new novel Mission Osiris
A quote from my new novel Mission Osiris

A quote from my new novel Mission Osiris

Tom liked this girl. She was perfect. Not only was the girl beautiful, but she could also stand up for herself. It just so happened that at first he didn’t know she was an android. They met by chance, under strange circumstances.

One day, on his way back from the gym, he heard a conversation that took place in an elevated tone. Three border guards were trying to harass a pretty girl, who for some strange reason found herself in a closed territory, which belonged to the military. She coincidentally ended up in their base camp and it had unintended consequences.

There was a shortage of females on the ship and some of the soldiers had not seen a female for an extended period of time. The soldiers tried to openly molest the girl in an attempt to remove her clothes. At the same time they made lewd jokes towards her.

  • Guys, leave the girl alone, – said Tom, who immediately appreciated the heat of passion that played out in this part of the spaceship.

The forces were unequal, but he appealed to the sanity of the soldiers with whom he had to serve on this ship.

  • Get out of here,” one of the soldiers replied and advanced towards the space trooper.

For a moment the soldiers were distracted from the girl, considering the main threat to the soldier who had made such an insulting remark to them. That was their mistake. They didn’t realize what a powerful opponent they were dealing with.

The girl extended her right arm and silently hit the nearest soldier in the groin with it. Apparently the blow was very strong. The soldier flew to a metal container and hit his head hard against its wall. After that, the girl made a swift dash to the second soldier and hit him with the elbow of her right hand right in his broad nose.

The huge brute bent in half. He had obviously not expected such a strong blow from the fragile girl they had tried to molest a few septims ago. Tom was as surprised as they were. He had never seen such a performance. The third trooper tried to grab her arm, but she threw him over her right shoulder. Tom did not know what to call this hold, which was performed with such grace and dexterity. He could only envy these insolents. The girl did not finish off the offenders, even though they deserved it.

The girl had dispatched her attackers in just a few moments. She moved so elegantly that she didn’t even muss her wonderful hair. Even Tom would not have been able to pull off such a trick on those guys who were now lying on the metal floor, holding their bruised places.

The novel Mission Osiris


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