A few words about the sound of books
A few words about the sound of books

A few words about the sound of books

Recently, the authors of books are increasingly thinking about scoring their work.

And I am no exception either.

Moreover, I tried two types of voice acting with the help of a hired speaker and with the help of a robotic program that uses the capabilities of neural networks. If you have the talent, you can voice the work yourself. Now on the Internet there are a lot of programs that allow you to do this using a regular microphone connected to a PC.

An example of voice acting using the announcer:
An example of voice acting using a robotic program based on neural networks:
Everything is clear with the announcer, the quality of dubbing will depend on two factors: the skill of the writer and the ability of the announcer to convey emotions …
The program is more difficult. As practice has shown, workable programs do not cope with several tasks:
they cannot voice poems (at least those programs with which I dealt – they cannot do this);
do not convey the full range of emotions;
Can’t read numbers correctly…
Therefore, if you are dealing with a program, then you need to use as few poetic inserts as possible in your works and translate all numbers (including the titles of chapters and sections of the book) into text format, and this will at least significantly improve the perception of your works.
As for uploading your audio clip to youtube, rutube or aitube, remember that only youtube can eat a large file, and then only if you have passed full authentication. Therefore, it is best to break the video (audio) clip of your book into several parts (usually such a division is carried out by chapters or sections of the book) …


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