A few words about the novel “Gifts of the Gods”
A few words about the novel “Gifts of the Gods”

A few words about the novel “Gifts of the Gods”

The novel “Gifts of the Gods” is the first book in a series of novels – about Stephen Cheesecake. This novel can rightfully be attributed not only to the genre of science fiction, but also to the genre of the adventure novel. The action of the book unfolds in several countries around the world, located on different continents: the United States, Russia, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Syria. Such novels were characteristic of authors writing in the 18th and 19th -centuries of the last century, that is, the era of great geographical discoveries, when such authors as Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were published. The author of the novel and the owner of all rights to the book is the author, who for the past two years has been writing plays, poems and books, under the author’s pseudonym Nikita T. He has long been known to the public by his previously published books: The Return of Theseus, Marriage of Poseidon and a series of children’s books, the most famous of which is – a collection of poems “Solving Riddles with Children”, which is currently on sale in stores Read City and Book Labyrinth. Two novels were written in continuation of this work – “The Heavenly Gate of Ta Keo” and “Mysteries of the Ocean Depths. The novel is set in our time, but there are references to the distant past – during the reign of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, as well as Hittite and Nubian kings. Because the novel takes place in our time, many of the characters in the story have recognizable prototypes, and the events occurring in the novel intersect with real life situations that occur in our troubled times. The conflicts described here are from all over the world. But, nevertheless, all of the characters presented are fictional, so we should not put an equal sign between them and our contemporaries. The novel describes what could happen to our world if a real alien ship hidden from people in modern Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II.

There are several main characters in the novel. One protagonist is Steven Cheesecane, a special acting agent of the CIA, who receives an assignment from his superiors to check the information about the grandiose archaeological discoveries made in Egypt during the construction of the Aswan platinum. The main obstacle on the way of the main character are: the existing state-criminal system of power and “world behind the scenes” in the face of a master of the United Church of the Second Coming and his armed bandits, who disguise their actions as other, mainly radical Islamist organizations. The agents of this religious association want to take possession of the alien ship themselves, which in its time was found by Soviet archaeologists, but later for various political reasons was sunk at the bottom of an artificial reservoir – Lake Nasser, which is located near the temple complexes of Abu Simbel in Egypt. The novel is not only a tracing of reality, but also reveals the real problems that have developed in a multipolar world and that prevent people from finding points of understanding. In this novel, the line between fiction and reality is quite shaky and not always graspable not only for the non-specialist reader, but also for the author himself. Most of the facts in the novel have a real historical background.

The time period described in the novel is approximately six months (from late June to early December 2019). In the development of the novel it is planned to write two more books, which are the continuation and describe the subsequent events in 2020 and 2022. Moreover, if in the first novel the events are mainly unfolding on the east coast of Africa, in the second and third novels the events will unfold in other regions of the world located on other continents – Southeast Asia and Latin America. Thus, the novel can be seen as the first part of a trilogy. The novel is, in a sense, an informal work. The novel is informal for two reasons. First, it is not an easy read, as it contains a certain amount of scientific information that is not currently available to the average reader and is purely scientific. Second, the novel calls things by their names, the characters are relatable, and the parallels to today’s reality are all too apparent. Despite this, the novel is easy to read and will appeal to a wide audience of Russian readers in the 12+ age range.


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