A few words about the book “Secrets of the Ocean Depths”
A few words about the book “Secrets of the Ocean Depths”

A few words about the book “Secrets of the Ocean Depths”

With all the variety of books available on the book market, there are not many adventure and suspense novels. They are especially scarce in the Russian-language segment of literature. And the more encouraging for readers the appearance of a new adventure novel “Secrets of the Ocean depths. The plot of this fantastic novel is so captivating that it can not leave indifferent neither adult nor child.
Somewhere deep in the depths of the ocean hides an ancient treasure, stolen by the Spanish conquistadors from the tribe of Nahua, part of the Mayan Indian Alliance. This treasure can change the fate of our world and perhaps even the entire universe. Fearless travelers set out in search of the mysterious crystal. They will face many dangers on their way. But their wisdom and prudence will help them cope with all the difficulties and honorably come out of the many unpleasant situations that will appear on their difficult path to their cherished goal.
There is also a fantastic line in the novel. The fight for the treasure will involve not only people, but also aliens who want to seize power in the entire universe. The fight against them will be extremely cruel in nature.
The work is written in simple and clear language, its plot is so captivating that it makes you stay in suspense until you finish the book. This work describes in detail many corners of the world about which it is difficult to find any information, including some lost corners of the world’s oceans belonging to such countries as: Portugal, Mexico, USA, Russia, and France. I think this novel will not leave you indifferent either.


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