A few words about popularity
A few words about popularity

A few words about popularity


“Popularity only at first seems like fate, then it is often an irony of fate, which for the time being is supported by the press, radio, television and the ardor of especially devoted admirers.”

Andrey Mironov

My friends, let’s talk about popularity.

Everyone reads some authors, but they do not read others and are not going to read them. And it is not a fact that the works of those authors whom everyone reads are better than those that no one reads. As a rule, they read those who are fashionable, ironic and optimistic, can give new interesting information and at the same time do not load their reader with unnecessary facts. That is, they read those who transferred their charisma to literary works. If you’re boring, they won’t read you. I think that interesting writing is a special talent given by the Creator and cannot be taught in any courses. Therefore, if you constantly go to them, you just take your money to someone. Yes, of course, any talent requires cutting. But until you hit the bumps, you will not understand what your mistakes are. I think that your own style appears with age, when you have already published a sufficient number of your works. As a separate issue, I want to cover PR and advertising. Many people think that they are a panacea and you can impose your “boring” work on the reader through advertising. Yes, ads work in some cases. But it only works if your work is something. Otherwise, no advertising will help.

What do you think about this?


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