A few words about people (notes from a notebook)
A few words about people (notes from a notebook)

A few words about people (notes from a notebook)

People are different. Sometimes you will talk with a person and admire his spiritual depth, and sometimes you will run into someone and see that you have a rare bastard in front of you. And the point is not even in ideology and not in relation to politics and to the events of the past, but in relation to other people, arrogance and vanity:

There are people – books, there are people – boors,

There are those who believe in melodrama.

There are directors and there are actors.

There are people – rats, and there are poseurs.

And God sees and notices everything,

There, after death, he meets us.

And gives us what we deserve

Those who were above and below – the servants.

He does not mark us by ranks,

Merits, medals – does not appoint.

He does not kiss the secretary generals passionately,

Doesn’t create superhumans.

It’s a pity, but we all live according to the concepts,

According to the lowest perceptions,

It’s a simple theorem

You did evil in your life – your problem.

Everything will come back to you many times,

Good and evil will come back.


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