A few words about aphorisms
A few words about aphorisms

A few words about aphorisms

I like aphorisms. In just a few phrases, the author can express his attitude to a particular phenomenon or event from his life. These statements are saturated with self-irony, and this irony penetrates directly into the soul of the reader.

Sometimes I use aphorisms in my books as a preface or an annotation to new chapters. That’s what I did when I wrote books in the Visualizer series. Each chapter of these books is equipped with its own personal aphorism. This allows you to customize the reader to the narrative that awaits them in the next chapter.

Recently, I began to like to write aphorisms or small statements in poetic form myself. It seems to me that I succeeded in this. According to the portal inpearls.ru I entered the hundred Russian-speaking authors who wrote the most popular aphorisms in Russian.

In January 2022, I began writing a book of Aphorism from Nikita, where I presented all aphorisms in verse. In the future, I posted this book on popular samizdat portals. Someone liked this book, but there were also those who actively criticized it. I am not offended by them. Humor is subtle and not everyone is ready to perceive it, especially if this humor hurts them with something.

There are a lot of different works on the market. There are action-packed books, there are sad ones. There are philosophical and moral publications over which you can think for a long time sitting at the fireplace. However, there are not many books that give us a good mood. In this work, I wanted to laugh at myself and the surrounding reality. I hope that I did it

In the preface to this book, I wrote: “When reading a good book, we have the same feeling as when we acquire a new friend. To read the book again is to see your old friend again. “

I think that the book “Aphorisms from Nikita” will become a good friend for you and will help you look at the events taking place in the world with a certain degree of humor and irony.

I tried to laugh at myself and the world, I hope that my wit will charge all of us with my optimism, faith and hope for the future. The fact that our world will change for the better.


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