A few words about a notion like Booktrayler
A few words about a notion like Booktrayler

A few words about a notion like Booktrayler

Any author sooner or later thinks about the question of how to present himself to the readership. And in this he can help such a tool as “Booktrayler”

What is Booktrayler?

Booktrayler is a short video presenting the work and its main storylines, similar to movie trailers.

The booktrayler can be made in the format of a presentation, animation or video recording using live shooting. I would highlight three types of booktraylers:

• “Game Booktrayler”;
• “Presentation Booktrayler”;
• “Animated Booktrayler.”

Each author should understand for himself what he would like to draw the attention of the audience and, depending on this, choose the form of the buchtrayler that is most suitable for him. My favorite thing is the shape of the animated booktrayler.

As a rule, such booktralers are made by professional freelancers on the kwork portal. If you do not have the financial ability to create a booktrayler, you can make it yourself in the form of a presentation. Any presentation is easy to translate into mp4 format by superimposing music on it. You can find videos about creating such booktraylers on youtube channels. There are a lot of them. And I don’t want to repeat other people’s developments. Learn to create Booktraylers to your creations and will definitely pay attention to you.

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