A few tips for aspiring authors
A few tips for aspiring authors

A few tips for aspiring authors

From time to time on the pages of various literary forums I meet topics with the following title – “And why I am not read” and various gurus write the following – “in order to be read you need to write more often, write easier, follow the trend” and so on.

I don’t think any of this works, and here are my tips for those who are just starting to write serious works:
– You should write for your soul. If you like the text yourself, sooner or later those who are on the same page will like it;
– Write about what you really care about. Do not take up hackneyed themes, they have already been developed in detail and no one is interested;
– Before you write something you have to study the question in detail. If you are incompetent, they will laugh at you …
– Before something to write try to imagine in large strokes the plot of the work and put your thoughts on paper. Discuss your plan with people who are gurus or authorities.
– You don’t have to chase the length of your text. If you can’t write a novel, try writing a short story or novella. Ask someone you know to write a review of the work….
– Try to voice your work and listen to how the text looks from the outside… Try to avoid parasitic words and excessive pathetics… And lastly, always remain a positive person and try to convey your optimism to your characters. People are tired of pessimism, it wearies both the author and the readers….


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