15 longevity conditions
15 longevity conditions

15 longevity conditions

Friends – some people who are familiar and not familiar to me write that when they communicate with me, they feel my energy and youth, it is not accidental. My grandfather and great-grandfather lived a long life, having survived a hundred years and that’s why.

They followed certain principles. They were voiced by the psychologist Alexander Zberovsky in his article on longevity and here they are:
1. To want to live a long life. Immediately set yourself on the fact that you must be a long-liver and therefore must celebrate your centenary at the feast table with your loved ones.
2.Live without expecting retirement. Do not enroll yourself in advance in the “mental pensioners”, do not consider the coming of retirement age (or the coming of the pension ahead of time) as some significant event for yourself, which should radically divide your life into “before” and “after”, preparing yourself for the fact that you will try to stick to the old standard of living.
3. Live a wider social circle. Try to regularly introduce not just new, but noticeably younger people into your social circle, in order to update your mentality from them, not to dip into the environment of only your aging peers.
4. To live with purpose. Setting more and more goals for yourself at any age, even at an advanced age, forcing yourself to think about them regularly.
5. to live dynamically. Being morally ready for any changes in the world around: in profession, in social order, in collective, among relatives and friends.
6.Living mobility. Having the habit of regular travels and trips, not tying yourself to the country house, the village, one familiar lake or forest, walks only with the dog around the house, etc. 7.Living out in the open. To go out regularly to public places (shopping malls, museums, exhibitions), which motivates to pay special attention to your appearance without neglecting yourself in the silence of your apartment.
8.Living Athletically. Be sure to engage in physical training, systematically create for yourself a physical load, try to meet the standards relevant to people in their thirties.
9. to live slender. Striving to fix oneself in such a maximum comfortable weight category, which corresponds to the standards accepted exactly at the young age of twenty to thirty, without being overweight.
10.Live with pleasure, but without excess. It is important to keep a vivid intimate life as long as possible, to have some other meaningful ways of getting the joys of life. But at the same time remember that it is not satiety, but moderation – the basis of vigor and longevity.
11.Live with interest. Be curious about everything going on around you, because stimulating your cognitive faculties keeps your brain young. And only a young brain makes a young body. 12.Living Learning. Experiencing an interest in gaining new knowledge in a variety of fields, from science to applied things. Study foreign languages, go dancing, take retraining courses, online education, etc.
13.Live with humor and optimism. Maintain the skill and need to laugh daily, to read and tell jokes, without being trained in pessimistic grouchiness and complaining about the world. Never live a life of being a boogeyman; keep it friendly.
14. do not dramatize health problems. It is important to remember that ailments and illnesses are not an inevitable companion of old age, but of life in general. Therefore, various health problems should not be associated with dying, but simply with being defeated in time.
15. to live without looking back at the examples of life of your peers, going your own way. After reaching forty years of age, you cannot measure yourself against someone who is living wrong, including leaving life early. It’s important to remember that if you set out to live a long life, your peers are not the ones to tell you!

You see, there is nothing complicated! That’s why more and more people in the world, some intuitively and some quite consciously, are starting to live past the age of fifty exactly in this format, which provides them with the happiness of a long and pleasant life. Don’t be afraid to look young; be afraid to look like a degenerate grandfather. Those who sneer at youth and longevity – idiot!


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