10 best free Android Emulators for PC
10 best free Android Emulators for PC

10 best free Android Emulators for PC

Smartphones have long turned into something more than just devices for calls and instant messengers. Many different developments open up a wide range of opportunities. But what about those PC owners who want to touch mobile gaming or want to actively use various applications, but continue to sit at the computer?

Special emulators come to the rescue. We will not delve into the principles of their work. Instead, we’ve rounded up the top 10 free emulators that will help you out.


BlueStacks is probably the most well-known Android emulator on computers. A good reputation is due to the wide functionality that not only perfectly copes with different applications, but also can improve the gameplay. Excellent performance and high speed of operation is provided even on weak hardware.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

Благодаря сопоставлению клавиш управление можно настраивать под себя, а не довольствоваться раскладкой по умолчанию. Также предусмотрен диспетчер экземпляров, с помощью которого одновременно можно запустить несколько игр и приложений. Используя разные фильтры и дополнительные эффекты, можно изменять игровой процесс и делиться новой версией с друзьями.

Дополняют все функции качества жизни, такие как режим Eco Mode, помогающие снизить потребление ресурсов, особенно во время запуска крайне требовательных тайтлов. Ну и в комплекте идет безопасность и надежность BlueStacks, которая проверена временем.


LD-Player — весьма легкий и мощный эмулятор Android для ПК. Основная задача программы кроется в достижении высокой производительности во время игровой сессии. Ее основной инструментарий предназначен для геймеров. Здесь и хорошее управление, детальная настройка клавиатуры, мультиэкземпляры, макросы, высокий показатель FPS и графическая поддержка.

10 лучших бесплатных эмуляторов Android на ПК в 2022 году

Кроме того, эмулятор стабильно получает обновления. С каждой новой версией повышается уровень совместимости, оптимизируется плавность Free Fire и Mobile Legends, а также устраняются ограничения устройства в Moonlight Sculptor. В число поддерживаемых проектов входят всемирно известные хиты Epic Seven, Clash of Clans, Arknights и прочие.

Но кроме непосредственно игр LD-Player хорошо справляется с эмуляцией других популярных приложений. Дизайн интерфейса чем-то напоминает конкурента Bluestacks, потому проблем с адаптацией возникнуть не должно.

Android Studio

Настройка Android Studio — штука сама по себе довольно сложная и муторная. Однако если разобраться в его хитросплетениях, то перед вами предстанет самый шустрый и многофункциональный вариант из данного перечня.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

On this emulator, you can not only install various applications, but also add your own launcher programs. It includes a set of different tools and plugins, including support for gesture simulation, accelerometer, gyroscopes, and more.

At its core, Android Studio is an integrated development environment. Local functionality allows you to create your own creations for Android.


GameLoop is another Android emulator that will definitely be useful for fans of mobile gaming and those who want to touch it. Its high quality is indicated by the fact that until recently Tencent itself called this algorithm the official emulator of its own games, includingCall of Duty: MobileandPUBG Mobile.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

The program easily provides high performance for the heaviest games. The gamers themselves have access to a small, but their own catalog of titles. Well, all this is complemented by easy control on the keyboard and joystick.

In addition to the main purpose, GameLoop does a good job with other applications. On it, you can start streaming movies, various programs, or search for the necessary books. However, you won’t be able to complete multiple tasks at the same time.


MEmu is another cool Android PC emulator designed for gamers. Its main killer features are considered to support AMD and Intel chipsets. You can also run multiple apps and games at the same time, which allows you to use the local functionality to its fullest.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

Thanks to the latter, an increase in productivity is achieved. You can create your own catalog of games, even if they are Chinese, and also customize the management for yourself. Developers provide the project with frequent updates in a timely manner.

But the cool thing is that the emulator determines which mobile device it needs to simulate. The choice ranges from popular models like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or ONEPLUS A5010 to simply fitting the screen to the format of your own gadget.

In addition, you can specify the geolocation you “need”, which is very useful for games likePokemon Go. In the latter, this innovation allows you to catch previously inaccessible monsters.


Another good Android emulator for PC, which copes equally well with both regular apps and instant messengers, as well as with demanding games. It has built-in full simulation of smartphone controls, including mapping keys to the keyboard, actual controller support, and even the ability to use gestures instead of buttons. So here you can find zoom, shake, swipe and the ability to change the screen resolution.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

The authors are constantly rolling out updates, so the program runs on the most up-to-date version of Android. The emulator also has a built-in multi-instance support feature that allows you to run multiple games simultaneously. Among the disadvantages, it can be noted that Nox is not connected to Windows in any way, which makes direct file transfer impossible.

But even looking at all this, it cannot be said that it was once conceived as an easy alternative to heavier programs with truncated functionality, quickly finding its own niche.

Bliss OS

The main difference between Bliss and other emulators lies in the fact that it runs on a virtual machine. According to the level of its performance, Bliss can easily be compared with other top-end analogues. But, unlike the others, this program supports Vulkan.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

In addition, the OS is compatible not only with Windows, but also with Linux and Mac. To run it, you can also use the recorded image on a flash drive.

The main drawback lies in the installation process of this very VM. Although this procedure is considered simple, it is very tedious, especially for those who have never created a virtual machine. But the opportunities that open up completely compensate for the difficulties that have been passed.


MuMu is considered the most optimal option, capable of providing fast start-up and good optimization with not the most outstanding characteristics. The program already contains the Play Store, supports flexible keyboard control settings, and for popular games, the preset is built in by default.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

In addition, MuMu can be integrated into the Windows system, thereby opening up new opportunities for installing applications and other projects using APK files.


Genymotion was originally created as an environment for testing mobile games, but very soon it turned into something more. The program not only emulates the Android operating system, but also reproduces the exact operation of specific phone models. Thanks to this feature, high compatibility with various games is achieved. In addition, the controls can be adjusted not only on the keyboard keys, but also on the joysticks, steering wheels and pedals.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

The program runs on a virtual machine model, ensuring maximum performance when running “heavy” applications. The emulator includes extensive options for configuring many parameters. The developers have provided many different sensors, from geolocation and network to multitouch and device ID IMEI. It can also capture video, which is useful for streamers and content makers.

The only thing to note is that you’ll first have to get used to the program itself and understand its interface, but it’s quite possible to get used to it in a couple of hours.


PremiOS is not so much an emulator as a modified Android operating system. Even the desktop is suspiciously similar to its Windows or macOS counterpart. For the program to work, you need to install it as a full-fledged computer partition.

10 best free Android Emulators for PC in 2022

The program includes a game center, mouse and keyboard support, and access to most Android apps and games. The developers have provided a wide range of functionality, such as the ability to run multiple tasks at once, watch videos, play games, and surf the Internet. It doesn’t require a VM, so it’s easy to learn.


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