Аbout laziness
Аbout laziness

Аbout laziness

“The Buddha described three kinds of laziness:
The first is the kind of laziness we all know about. When we have no desire to do anything, when we allow ourselves to stay in bed longer instead of getting up and doing something useful…
The second is the laziness of feeling wrong about ourselves-the laziness of thinking. “I can’t do anything. Other people meditate, other people do practice, may be conscious and kind and generous, but not me, because I’m too stupid.” Or vice versa, “I’m a very angry person,” “I’ll never do anything in my life,” “I’m not good at anything, it’s not worth trying.” This is laziness.
The third kind of laziness is the constant preoccupation with worldly things. We always have the opportunity to fill the vacuum of our time by keeping ourselves busy. And all of these activities may be considered a virtue altogether. But it is usually just a way of avoiding meeting ourselves.
Laziness is what keeps us from becoming real writers. We are lazy to study historical material, lazy to plan our own work, and lazy to write something new. Chekhov once wrote that “you have to squeeze the slave out of you,” and I believe that you have to squeeze not only the slave out of you, but laziness as well. And then everything will work out. Write little by little, but every day, try to write better and better, and you’ll undoubtedly get the result you didn’t even count on.


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